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Grand Juries on Witness Intimidation Are Challenged

The Legal Intelligencer — August 14, 2013 After the Pennsylvania Supreme Court restored the use of indicting grand juries for […]

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Attorney James Funt on WHYY-FM Radio Discussing the Justice Gap 50 Years Since Gideon v Wainwright Ruling

Attorney James Funt Adds Legal Perspective to Justice Gap Discussion Panel We are honored that WGP Attorney James Funt was […]

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Anthony Gargano of Philadelphia Sports Radio 620 WIP Calls on Attorney Ron Greenblatt to Gain Insight Into the NFL Lockout

Attorney Ron Greenblatt Helps Make Sense of NFL Lockout with Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow. Philadelphia Sports Radio 620 WIP […]

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$4 Million Verdict in Helpin v. University of Pennsylvania

Founder of Community Dental Clinic Wins Breach of Contract Case. Doctor Mark Helpin, a Philadelphia dentist who built a dental […]

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“Braking Point” – DHS Social Worker Given Dangerous Vehicle

Braking Point…DHS Social Worker Wrongly Criminally Charged for a Car Accident When the Brakes Failed Cleared of all Criminal Charges. […]

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“A Lowe Blow” Ralph Lowe Welcomes Freedom as the Innocent Man is Finally Set Free

After 21 months in jail, a Philadelphia man is released on the eve of his trial. Although 21-year-old Ralph Lowe […]

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