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Grand Jury Investigations

Your Case Requires Seasoned Professionals to Represent You

grand jury investigations

Navigating grand jury investigations requires far more than providing witnesses and responding to subpoenas. Although an integral part of any investigation, the first key step is to learn as much as possible about the case being established by the prosecution and prepare a strategy for a response to a grand jury inquiry, whether for testimony or documents. When faced with a grand jury investigation, it is important that you have knowledge of the system and also adequate representation when negotiating with the prosecutors or responding to a grand jury subpoena.  WGP attorneys are experienced grand jury investigation defense lawyers and we are well-positioned to successfully represent our clients in any grand jury investigation.

Vigorous Legal Representation You Can Count On

WGP attorneys have extensive grand jury experience at both the federal and state level. Whether you have been called as a witness or are the target of a grand jury investigation, we can help you understand and navigate within the system.

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